exploring the interactions of light and matter on a nanometer scale
The interactions of photons with matter underly much of the physics of semiconductors and have been utilised in many modern technologies. For this reason the interaction of light and matter is a subject of fundamental interest. Consequently much is understood in this area and many new fields of physics have been established.

My current research activities focus on light matter interactions on a nanometer scale. With expertise in single quantum dot laser spectroscopy, combined with a novel tunable microcavity, the interaction of photonic modes with excitonic transition in III-V and II-VI quantum strucures are explored and manipulated.

current reading

Nanoscale microcavity sensor for single particle detection.

Optical spectra of a quantum dot in a microcavity in the nonlinear regime.

Strong exciton-photon coupling in an organic single crystal microcavity.

Coupling of quantum-dot light emission with a three-dimensional photonic-crystal nanocavity.

Polariton bootleneck emission from a ZnSe based microcavity
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